Computer Training

ECDLECDL – European Computer Driving Licence

Those who are interested in putting an ECDL International certification on their CV as it is the standard all prospective employers are looking for.

Get your passport into the world of technology. Earn a certificate to prove your wide range of PC capabilities to current and prospective employers all over the EU. Become eligible for promotion and pay increase because of your skills in IT and get the recognition you deserve in the workplace. Gain an internationally recognised qualification. Become familiar with and gain confidence in using Microsoft Office Suite’s most popular applications.

Understand basic concepts of information technology. Use Microsoft Word to create, edit, format and print well-presented documents. Use mail merge effectively to save time and increase productivity. Create, layout and use many functions with Microsoft Excel to output spreadsheet data. Design, edit and run a slide show presentation using Microsoft PowerPoint. Successfully use email facility to send, receive, forward emails, edit messages and attach files. Browse the internet to search for information using search engines, use key operators to refine a search.

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ECDL Excel Advanced

ECDL – Excel Advanced

Anyone who has a working knowledge of Excel and is required to crunch figures, analyse data and carry out advanced features to ensure a high quality output.

This course will make you eligible for promotion. You will be the envy of your co-workers who still struggle with Excel. Investing in your future by putting yourself ahead of the rest. Gain a certificate accredited by ICS to prove your skills and enhance your CV.

Edit and enhance numeric, text and graphical data, and to sort, query and link data. Use logical, statistical and mathematical functions. Analyse and use audit tools and have the ability to record and run macros.

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