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EDI Diploma in Education Practice

  1. Overview of EDI Diploma in Education Practice

The EDI Diploma in Education Practice is a course for those who wish to start teaching Information and Communications Technology (ICT) in a school, college or commercial training centre and have a keen interest in both IT and teaching others.

The Benefits to Learners of this Valuable Qualification

  • You will advance your career and broaden your horizons quickly adn easily
  • With this qualification you will earn more money through working as a skilled trainer with irganisations such as VEC
  • You will be confident and skilled at delivering training to groups or individuals
  • With your EDI Diploma you will be eligible be become registered on the National Register of Trainers; a database widely used by FAS in their recruitment process


  1. What are the entry requirements for the course?

Participants are required to have ECDL or equivalent standard. Mature applicants with relevant work experience are eligible. Candidates must be 20years of age on the final assessment date. Candidates who hold a teaching qualification (e.g. H Dip or Bed) may be eligible for exemption from the Certification in Education Principles and Practice (EPP)

  1. What are the principle areas of study?

Principal Areas of Study

  • Certificate in Education Principles and Practice
    • Principles of learning
    • The learning process
    • Developing Own Practice
  • Certificate in Education Practice: ICT Skills
    • Managing the ICT Learning Environment
    • Preparation of ICT Learning Resources
    • Applied Principles of ICT Education


On completion of the course:

  • State ergonomic and health & safety requirements necessary prior to running a course
  • Devise teaching materials, handouts, excerses, activity sheets and visual aids for use in a class environment
  • Prepare a 20 hour teaching project including training need analysis, lesson plans and all course materials
  • Demonstrate the competencies involved in teaching IT related tasks to individuals and groups
  • Understand how assess other, give feedback and evaluate a programme
  • Successfully research and carry out an ICT case study
  • Understand all units from the Educational Principles and Practices module and the Education Practice: ICT Skills to Successfully complete the course assessments.


  1. What are is the Assessment and Awards?

Assessment Format:

  • A final year Exam
  • Two teaching resources
  • Three resources for teaching ICT applications
  • An ICT teaching project comprising a training needs analysis, scheme of work, two session plans and delivery of 2 hours ICT teaching

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  1. What are my career and academic progression options?

MOS (Microsoft Office Specialist) Master Course, Advanced EDI Diploma or FETAC Train the Trainer