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Licensed Trade Law 5N0633

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Course Description

The purpose of this award is to equip the learner with the relevant knowledge, skill and competence to understand the legal context for operating a licensed premises and serve alcohol responsibly and in compliance with legislation.

The Benefits to Learners of this Valuable Qualification

  • To develop in the learner an understanding of the issues surrounding the Irish Legal System as it relates to the licensed trade.
  • To facilitate the learner to demonstrate effective skills in the implementation procedures that ensure compliance with provisions of all licensing legislation.
  • To enable the learner to demonstrate an advanced understanding of the various legal obligations which may be expected of licensed premesis.
  • To develop the learner™s skill and knowledge in developing good commercial practice and procedure for the purpose of minimising potential legal liability of the licence holder.
  • To assist the learner to develop the academic and vocational language, literacy and numeracy skills related to Licensed Trade Law through the medium of the indicative content
  • To enable the learner to exercise substantial personal autonomy and responsibility.

The requirements for entry to the Licensed Trade Law 5 Minor Award are, Leaving Certificate standard or equivalent qualifications or FETAC/QQI Level 4 Certificate and/or relevant life and work experiences.

The following content will be covered in this course:

  • Outline the legal procedures for purchasing a licensed premises
  • Describe the different categories of licenses and the main conditions attaching to them
  • Describe key legislation provisions relating to weights and measures, equality, tobacco, consumer and public liability
  • Describe key provisions of health, hygeine and safety legislation
  • Describe the key provisions and implications of intoxicating liquor legislation
  • Outline the key provisions of employment legislation including employer and employee duties
  • Outline the key elements of the control of noise at work regulations
  • Explaine the principles of the responsibilities service of alcohol
  • Describe how the body absorbes alcohol, identifying factors that affect intoxication including quantity and rate of consumption, alcohol content of drinks consumed, weight and gender of drink, presence of other substances and the consumotion of food
  • Describe the effects of alcohol on the body and the main signs of intoxication
  • Explain the legal position for refusing service including customers who are underage, intoxicated, disorderly and requesting alcohol on credit
  • Describe procedures for dealing with intoxication, disorderly behaviour and illegal activities in licensed premises
  • Decribe procedures for refusing to serve alcohol, preventing intoxication and preventing the removal of alcohol from a licensed premises
  • Implement procedures that ensure compliance with provisions of all licending legislation

The assessment process includes a combination of module appropriate assessment procedures which will facilitate the assessment of learning outcomes of this course. These methods will include continuous assessment processes such as:

Examination – A supervised exam will take place at a time to be confirmed by the tutor. This will be a supervised exam after the completion of the module. This which will assess the learners ability to recall, apply theory and show an understanding of the different concepts drawn from the module.

FETAC/QQI – Management Level 5 Minor award
Awarded by – (QQI) Quality & Qualifications Ireland

On successful completion of this Communications course, the participant will have achieved one of eight modules which lead to a Major Award in Bar and Restaurant Services Level 5




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