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Occupational First Aid 5N1207

Course: Occupation First Aid 5N1207
Start Date: Mullingar 25.05.2016 / Naas TBC
Duration: 3 Full Days

Course: Occupational First Aid Refresher
Start Date: Mullingar 28.05.2016/ Naas TBC
Duration: 1 Full Day

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Course Description

This course will ensure that you have a qualified professional occupational firs aid trainer registered with the Occupational First Aid Assessment Agent (OFAAA) to deliver training.

As a first aider you will receive a Quality and Qualifications Ireland (QQI) Level 5 certificate in Occupational First Aid.

This course will ensure your compliance with legislation in a factory, construction site, surface mine or quarry. Best practice determines that there is a First Aider on- site for 1 to 29 employees. In all other worlplaces this figure is 1 to 99 employees, after that there needs to be an additional First Aiders available for each additional 100 to 300 employees, depending on the complexity of the site.

Preferred Entry Level: QQI Level 4 Certificate, Junior Certificate or equivalent qualifications and/or relevant life and work experiences. A good level of written and spoken English is required (an interpreter permitted to attend).


Learner Support – During the course of your studies trainers provide on going support to learners by providing feedback and one to one support when requested.

We operate an open access facility for our students offering supported access to computers and the internet.

Tutors will provide a telephone contact number and email address to learners.


  • First Aid in the Workplace – This module covers the role of the Occupational First Aider, the legal requirements and how to effectively ensure the safety of the first aider in the work place.
  • Patient Assessment – After this module, the candidate will be able to do a primary survey on a potential casualty. They will know how to take vitals (pulse, breathing, etc.), notice signs and treat a casualty with a suspected neck injury.
  • Respiratory Emergencies – This module covers the functions of the respiratory system and shows the Occupational First Aider how to manage a choking patient as well as how to do mouth to mouth ventilations.
  • Cardiac first response – After this module the student will understand the chain of survival and will be able to activate their links, by calling for an ambulance, starting CPR and using a defibrillator effectively.
  • Wounds and Bleeding – This module teaches the student how to deal with blood injuries. They will know how to recognise the different types of wounds and know to treat them. They will be able to deal with head, eye and facial injuries as well as effectively minimising the consequences of internal bleeding.
  • Altered Levels of Consciousness – The student learns how to treat shock and how to do the recovery position. This will allow them to treat a casualty who has reduced or lost consciousness.
  • Musculoskeletal Injuries – At the end, the student will be able to treat patients who have fractured (broken) bones as well as deal effectively with causalities who have sprains, strains and dislocations.
  • Burns and Scalds, Chemicals, Electric Shock – The module covers the treatment of major and minor burns as well as the many different causes of burns. It also covers poisoning and how to treat someone who has been poisoned. The student will cover electrical shock and how to manage a patient who has been electrocuted.

Certification is based on Skills demonstration, CPR and a written exam.

The Skills Demonstrations are 40% of marks; CPR is 40% of marks and the examination is 20% of marks.

100% attendance is mandatory.

An OFA instructor recognised by the Health and Safety Authority will act as the internal assessor and assess candidates.

This course is certified by QQI.

The total credit value for 5N1207 is 5.

Each person who successfully completes a QQI level 5 Occupational First Aid Course will receive a QQI certificate.



Forus Training’s tutors are professionally qualified and occupationally experienced in their areas of expertise. They have a background in working in the industry and have credentials from studying healthcare at university. Out course materials are devised to support learners in an Irish context. Tutors will show you how to integrate the information and skills into your workplace, and reep the benefits of putting theory into practice. With Forus Training you can be assured of the highest quality of training.


“The course has proven to be a real credit to me even outside of work.

I underestimate how much I’d learned.

I’ve helped with domestic accidents as well as ones that occur in the workplace.

I’m delighted I did the course.”

– Darragh McCormack

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Mullingar, Mullingar Refresher 1 Day, Naas, Naas Refresher 1 Day


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