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Restaurant Skills 5N2080

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Course Description

The purpose of this award is to equip the learner with the knowledge, skill and competence to deliver restaurant service independently under supervision.

The Benefits to Learners of this Valuable Qualification

  • Communicate effectively with kitchen and back of house staff
  • Implement cleaning and maintenance procedures
  • Use current restaurant technology for order taking, reservations, processing payment and stock management
  • Implement billing and pricing procedures including tabs, methods of payment, till system, float system and correct procedure for handling cash, explaining bills to customers
  • Comply with legislation and best practice in workplace hygiene, health and safety
  • Implement energy conservation and recycling initiatives
  • Demonstrate respect for diversity in lifestyles, religion, ability and culture with colleagues and customers.

The requirements for entry to the Restaurant Skills level 5 Minor Award are, Junior/Leaving Certificate standard or equivalent qualifications or FETAC/QQI Level 4 Certificate and/or relevant life and work experiences.

The course will provide learners with the knowledge, skill and competence, both theoretical and practical, in the area of Restaurant Skills

  • Outline the structures of the Irish tourism, hospitality and restaurant sectors at national, regional and local level including key representative restaurant bodies
  • List the key elements in the organisation of an effective restaurant premises
  • Explain the attributes required of professional food service personnel
  • Research the facilities, price, trading hours and local amenities for a restaurant operation
  • Describe the characteristics and composition of restaurant food and beverages including the structure and composition of menus
  • Demonstrate the standard procedures for opening and closing a restaurant premises


The assessment process includes a combination of module appropriate assessment procedures which will facilitate the assessment of learning outcomes of this course. These methods will include continuous assessment processes such as:

Assessment Format:  Project 30% Skills Demonstration 70%

Project – A project is usually carried out over an extended period of time. Project may involve research, require investigation of a topic, issue or problem or may involve process such as a design task, a performance or practical activity or production of an artefact or event.

Skills Demonstration – A skills demonstration is used to assess a wide range of practical based learning outcomes including practical skills and knowledge. A skills demonstration will require the learner to complete a task or series of tasks that demonstrate a range of skills.

Grading Pass 50% – 64% / Merit 65% – 79%/ Distinction 80% – 100%

FETAC/QQI – Restaurant Skills Level 5 Minor award
Awarded by – (QQI) Quality & Qualifications Ireland

On successful completion of this Restaurant Skills course, the participant will have achieved one of eight modules which lead to a Major Award in Bar and Restaurant Services Level 5




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