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Work Experience 6N1946 (Childcare)

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The purpose of this award is to equip the learner with the relevant knowledge, skill and competence to participate in the workplace for a limited time, carrying out work-related tasks autonomously and/or in a supervisory capacity.

The Benefits to Learners of this Valuable Qualification

  • To facilitate the learner to analyse the world of work and employment, including the rights and responsibilities of both the employer and employee.
  • To facilitate the learner to reflect on preparation, undertaking and completion of their work experience.
  • To enable the learner to develop an understanding of up to date theoretical and /or technical knowledge underpinning practice in a particular area of work.
  • To enable the learner to take responsibility for his/her own learning and to demonstrate supervisory skills.
  • To explore the challenges and opportunities in the chosen vocational area to include the options of future education, training and employment.
  • To enable the learner to evaluate their work placement experience based on feedback from their supervisor and its impact on personal career choice.

The requirements for entry to the Work Experience Minor Award are, Leaving Certificate standard or equivalent qualifications or QQI Level 4 Certificate and/or relevant life and work experiences.

Work Experience
The course is complemented and consolidated through practical work experience. Work experience is a mandatory module for this award; therefore, students should be aware that they will be required to carry out 20 hours work experience outside of scheduled class time in order to satisfy the requirements of the QQI work experience module.

It is recommended that each learner should secure a work experience placement in their locality that does not conflict with class time or their own personal/work commitments prior to commencing the course to alleviate any pressure once the course has commenced.

Garda Vetting

Forus Training is registered with the Garda vetting Unit and is now in a position to offer students a Garda vetting service. There may be a delay in processing applications with the Garda Vetting Unit we advise you to complete the form on registration.

The following content will be covered in this course:

  • Analyse work-related issues and trends in a chosen public, private or voluntary area of work
  • Demonstrate understanding of the up-to-date theoretical and or technical knowledge underpinning practice in a particular area of work
  • Research the rights and responsibilities of employees and employers in the particular work context, to include health, safety and welfare at work, equality legislation, union representation and regulations relating to pay and confidentiality
  • Reflect on challenges and opportunities in the chosen public, private or voluntary sector globally and nationally, to include the impact of challenges and opportunities on personal career choice and direction
  • Utilise effective written and interpersonal communication skills, drawing on appropriate communication technologies, to include a CV, letter of application, evidence of job-finding skills and skills checklist
  • Present a detailed personal skills audit and career plan for a specific vocational area, to include personal goals and action points, development opportunities and career paths
  • Demonstrate supervisory skills and capacities, to include the skills and qualities required for a particular post in the public, private or voluntary sector
  • Investigate options for future education, training and employment in light of work experience.

The assessment process includes a combination of module appropriate assessment procedures which will facilitate the assessment of learning outcomes of this course. These methods will include continuous assessment processes such as:

Assessment Format: Portfolio 60%/ Skills Demonstration 40%

Portfolio – A portfolio is usually carried out over an extended period of time. Portfolios may involve research, require investigation of a topic, issue or problem or may involve process such as a design task, a performance or practical activity or production of an artefact or event.

Skills Demonstration – A skills demonstration is used to assess a wide range of practical based learning outcomes including practical skills and knowledge. A skills demonstration will require the learner to complete a task or series of tasks that demonstrate a range of skills.

Grading: Pass 50% – 64% / Merit 65% – 79%/ Distinction 80% – 100%

QQI – Work Experience Level 6 Minor award
Awarded by – (QQI) Quality & Qualifications Ireland

On successful completion of this Work Experience course, the participant will have achieved one of eight modules which lead to a Major Award in Management Level 6

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Athlone 09/02/2017


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