What if I have been diagnosed with dyslexia? How can Forus help?

What if I have been diagnosed with dyslexia? How can Forus help?

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What if I have been diagnosed with dyslexia? – can Forus Training or my Trainer offer me further supports? Reasonable accommodations can be afforded to learners who have specific additional needs.

Forus Training is committed to the adaptation of assessment instruments and methodology so as to amend the aspects of the assessment technique or instrument which prevent a learner’s participation in the assessment due to an evidenced disability.

Forus Training is committed to supporting learners with disabilities or specific learning needs as far as is reasonably practicable as outlined in the AHEAD Charter for Inclusive Teaching and Learning.  AHEAD (Association for Higher Education Access and Disability) is a National Centre of expertise on Inclusive Educational Practice. As highlighted by AHEAD, the term Reasonable Accommodation is embedded in National and EU equality legislation and is the cornerstone of the UNCRPD on human rights.

The issue of reasonable accommodation in assessment is an element which needs to be considered within the overall context of catering for learners with disabilities including access to programmes;

  1. The provision of needs assessments for learners;
  2. Reasonable accommodations within programmes;
  3. Reasonable accommodations in assessment.

It is the responsibility of the learner to draw such matters to the attention of Forus Training through any means they are most comfortable with.

Click here to see the policy: P9 S9 C6 Reasonable Accommodation Policy.docx

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