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All delivery methods include access to discussion board, online submission system and
Further support is available - academic writing, study skills and Harvard referencing

You will get 15 QQI credits by doing this course.

6N3161 English as a Second Language

This classroom-based module, will allow you to dive into the English language and train you to communicate with fluency, socially and in the work environment, both independently and in a supervisory capacity.

6N3161 English as a Second Language Course

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Single modules are the best way to build your path to becoming fully certified and
get recognised by NFQ education point scheme.

This course is suitable for you if you are new to your role in management or supervisory management or if you wish to gain this valuable qualification and find a job in this sector. To commence this course, ideally you will have achieved Junior / Leaving Certificate standard or appropriate FETAC/QQI Qualification or equivalent.

Mature Applicants with relevant life and work experience are welcomed. Where deemed appropriate you may have to complete an English Language Proficiency Test.

The Course Advisor is available to meet with you to discuss and advise you on the course details, career and academic opportunities and assess your suitability for the course.

  • Display understanding of the society, geography, history and culture of the target region or country, to include:- Socio-cultural courtesies and customs- Differences in language pronunciation and vocabulary associated with particular regions- The political system- The media- Current affairs- The infrastructures of daily and business life- The conditions necessary for effective interpersonal and business communication in the foreign environment
  • Use a wide range of vocabulary with fluency and spontaneity, to include everyday terms and topics and those related to a specific area of interest and or work
  • Use the correct conventions of grammar and syntax in a wide range of contexts, verbally and in writing
  • Communicate verbally and in writing in the target language in a wide range of social and or work-related environments, to include correct use of relevant technical terms, and working independently and or in a supervisory capacity
  • Respond to others using the tone, register and discourse appropriate to a wide range of situations, to include strategies to compensate for lapses in communication
  • Explain a viewpoint on a topical issue, to include giving the advantages and disadvantages of various options
  • Understand the main ideas of complex text on both concrete and abstract topics, to include technical discussions in a chosen area of specialisation
  • Summarise in writing a range of oral exchanges, to include dialogue, discussion, telephone messages, radio and TV programmes
  • Use writing skills to produce clear, detailed text on a wide range of social and or work-related subjects, to include creative writing, correspondence, and documents associated with job interviews, including a CV and accompanying letter.

Tutor Support

At Forus Training, we have many different supports available for your learning.

Learner Pack

  • When you enrol on a course, you will receive a printed learner pack from your trainer on the first session of the event.
  • This learner pack contains clear assessment instructions and material to support you as you complete the course.

Trainer Support

  • The trainer provides support to learners, including issuing feedback on draft work you will submit. Expect to wait up to 72 hours for response by email from your trainer - many of our trainers have full time jobs as well as training with us. This ensures that they are up to date with practice in the career training sector.
  • Trainers can, by appointment, make time available to you before or after class to answer queries that cannot be covered in the session. They can also make an appointment with you to discuss your work on a telephone call.

Assessment Upload Facility

  • We have a comprehensive assessment upload facility available to you. The assessment upload facility is easy to operate.
  • If it has been a while since you’ve studied, we have free, short presentations on Study Skills, Academic Writing and Harvard Referencing to assist you in your work.

Technical Support

  • Every Saturday, our Digital Ambassador Team holds a Zoom meeting – to assist learners with their technology related challenges - no question too small! The staff in this “Digital Ambassador“ role are experienced in accessing all of our systems, including the LMS and They are positioned to assist with all the usual technology queries learners might have: Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel etc), email, file saving and organisation etc.
  • Technical support is available by phone to 044 9349400 or by email: or through the contact form on our website.

Compassionate Consideration

  • Where a Learner, pursuing an award, through no fault of his/her own, is unable to complete their assessment, the exit pathway below is in place to facilitate this Learner with an alternative course. The Learner is given the opportunity to obtain the Award by completing the course at an alternative date/location should they have relocated to an area where we provide the same award.
  • The following are examples of circumstances where a Learner is unable to complete their project/their course:
    • Bereavement,
    • Illness,
    • Pregnancy,
    • Relocation,
    • Extenuating circumstances.

Learner Welfare

  • P9 S6 C6 Learner Welfare Policy and practices are fully integrated throughout teaching and learning experiences by both Trainers and staff to effectively meet the health and wellbeing needs of all Learners. The Forus Training welfare policy is focused on the welfare of all Learners and addresses any particular challenges individual Learners may be experiencing during their learning experience. The learning environment includes welfare support provided by staff for Learners which is fully integrated throughout the teaching and learning and organisation of teaching and learning to effectively meet the personal, social (wellbeing) and academic needs of Learners and staff. Please see the policy here P9 S6 C6 Learner Welfare Policy.

Supports for Learners with Disabilities and Specific Learning Difficulties

  • Forus Training is fully committed to complying with relevant policies and legislation with respect to equality and disability. Registered and potential Learners with verified disabilities or specific learning difficulties may be given compassionate consideration and reasonable accommodation to enable them to successfully complete their programme. This is arranged by the Course Coordinator.
  • A reasonable accommodation is any action that helps to alleviate a substantial disadvantage due to an impairment or medical condition. Such accommodations are put in place to help reduce these barriers in order to provide equality of access and opportunity for all. Reasonable accommodations are made for Learners on a case by case basis and must be supported with medical documentation. Both P9 S2 C6 Evidence of Disability Form and P9 S2 C6A Application Form for Reasonable Accommodation can be found at the following link:

You will be awarded a certificate 6N3161 English as a Second Language. QQI is the awarding body.

Forus Training is a provider of education and training programmes and we issue certificates to learners who have reached the standard for a QQI award. The certificate you will receive on successful completion is a formal confirmation by QQI that you have demonstrated the knowledge, skill and competence required to achieve the named award.

This Programme is validated by QQI and is coded 6N3161 English as a Second Language. This certificate which will be issued to you by us is an award listed on the NFQ (National Framework of Qualifications). This ensures the certificate is nationally and internationally recognised and has many potential uses; for example, for further / higher education or employment in Ireland or abroad.

This course leads to a level 6 award on the National Framework of Qualifications. Students who successfully complete this programme may use their credits towards completing a higher level of study in the area of Business/Management.

Students who successfully complete this Major Award can also use the Certificate as the basis for entry into selected courses in Third Level Colleges and Universities.

Click here to download a pdf version of – Progression from QQI Level 5 Certificates and Level 6 Advanced Certificates to Higher Education Courses 2017.

Course Fees
The fees for this course are payable in advance of the programme.

How to Apply
To apply for this course simply click the BOOK NOW button on the right to apply online or download an application form here.

Protection for Enrolled Learners
As a course provider our policy on the protection for learners is subject to Section 43 of the Qualifications Act. This means that if, for whatever reason, we cease to provide the programme that is over 3 months in duration which you enrolled for, we have specific and legally binding arrangements in place to finish out that programme for you at no extra cost. All course fees for programmes over 3 months in duration are fully protected and secured. Please click here for further details.

There may be funding available to you. For information on funding that may be available please click here.

Easy Payment Plan

All our learning courses can be paid for over the duration of the course. In this case the course booking fee is €95 payable in advance.

To calculate your weekly payment subtract the booking deposit of €95 from the course fee, then simply divide the remaining course fee by 50 and then this is the number of weekly installments you will have to pay your tutor at the beginning of each session / a phoned in payment / an arranged bank payment / weekly payment on-line. There will be an amount of less than €50 as your final payment.

Full course fee: €360
Subtract €95 = €265
Divide €265 by 50 = 5.3
Payment week 1 = €50
Payment week 2 = €50
Payment week 3 = €50
Payment week 4 = €50
Payment week 5 = €50
Payment week 6 = €15

Terms and Conditions
Please note that when you opt to pay by Easy Payment Plan over the duration of your course you are entering a legally binding contract for which you will be personally liable. This Easy Payment Plan is not available with any special offers. Forus Training reserves the right to postpone any course. Upon completing this booking form, a non-refundable deposit as per your invoice is required to reserve a place on this course. In order to be refunded your deposit an acknowledged cancellation must be made in writing ten working days before the course start date. No fee refund will be made to customers who do not attend class or do not finish the course. Full fees must be paid prior to the course start date unless otherwise agreed in writing. Once signed, these terms and conditions are binding.

What is QQI?

QQI is the state agency responsible for the external quality assurance of further and higher education and training in Ireland.

QQI are responsible for the external quality assurance of further and higher education and training in Ireland.

QQI validate programmes, make awards and are responsible for the promotion, maintenance, development and review of the National Framework of Qualifications (NFQ).

QQI also inform the public about the quality of education and training programmes and qualifications, and advise the Government on national policy regarding quality assurance and enhancement in education and training.


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    Преподаватель Джон , самый лучший! Все понятно и интересно на его уроках , а главное хороший результат ! Спасибо огромное!
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    Преподаватель Джон 👍🏼спасибо за старания и время,что уделили нам в Maple Court!
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    Really enjoyed the Communications module with John Madden .
    He was so helpful with his feedback and gave me great guidance along the way .
    Looking forward to doing another module with him.
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    Emma O Brien was a brilliant tutor. She was always great for getting back to any of my questions and in helping me while I was participating in the course.
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  • Forus Training Review Star
    Positive: Communication Really enjoyed the Communications module with John Madden . He was so helpful with his feedback and gave me great guidance along the way . Looking forward to doing another module with him.
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    Sandra Hartnett
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    The tutor was very helpful as were the support staff in the office with any queries I had regarding my course.
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    This course is really adapted for Ukrainians. I quickly found a job after the course. I recommend this training, it is useful for any level of our Ukrainian education.
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