6N3326: Training Delivery and Evaluation

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Training Delivery and Evaluation 6N3326 (Previously Train the Trainer)

This course is designed to enhance your organisation and communication capabilities, helping you to develop strategic planning capacities and enhance your personal leadership qualities. All the skills are transferable and therefore this course will suit professionals in a wide variety of fields, whether you are teaching others or managing (or would like to manage) a sales team, an office, healthcare workers, a creche etc. The course is designed to help you succeed in your own career progression.

This course is designed to help you run, manage and deliver effective training programmes and will look at how to improve Learning Effectiveness and Training Delivery as well as well as showing you models of best practice, how to evaluate and giving you tools and techniques to improve evaluation and oversight.

Is this the course for you?

If you have your eye on a promotion, or have been newly promoted, or want to take your career in a whole new direction and need to up-skill, this course will give you the confidence to lead and take on more responsibility. To start the Training Delivery and Evaluation course you would ideally have to have completed a Junior/ Leaving Certificate or completed an appropriate FETAC/QQI Qualification.

This course is for:

  • Anyone who wishes to improve their working methodologies and gain confidence in planning, communication and working with others.
  • Those who are planning to go for promotion.
  • Anyone in Healthcare, administration, sales and marketing, dealing with the public, working in an office environment etc.
  • Newly Appointed Trainers.
  • On the Job Trainers.
  • Team Leaders.
  • Staff involved in Administration, (and/or) Delivery, Design and Assessment.
  • Those who are planning a career in Training and Development.
  • Trainers who need to up-skill and gain a formal National Qualification.
  • Those who need credit towards another QQI Certificate i.e. Business, Administration etc.
  • Anyone setting up their own business.
  • This course furnishes you with communication and planning skills that are suitable for a broad range of career opportunities and choices including presentation and organisation skills.

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Course Content

There are six key areas explored in Training Delivery and Evaluation

1 The theory of training and adult learning

In this unit you look at effective communication, understanding group dynamics, you examine learning styles, learning outcomes and the theory underpinning training and education, you will also look ad different approaches to adult learning and the psychology of learning.

2 The role of the trainer

In this unit you will explore the values which inform models of best practice, preferred learning styles, training styles and conflict and resolution techniques, how to deal with discriminatory attitudes and behaviours and how to establish work boundaries and identify personal training development needs.

3 Training needs analysis and programme design

In this unit you will look to identify different job roles and behaviours, identify training needs, analyse training needs, explore performance objectives, evaluate learning effectiveness, design learning programmes that are relevant and ensure the programme conforms to the requirements of certification bodies where appropriate.

4 Preparing for programme delivery

In this unit you plan the delivery of a training session, prepare visual aids to support your training session including flipcharts, PowerPoint slides etc. Produce exercises for use within the training session and prepare appropriate training methods for each element of the training session.

5 Delivery and assessment

In this unit you evaluate and assess learners achievement of the training objectives, critically evaluate a range of assessment and delivery methodologies, distinguish between formative and summative assessment, provide effective feedback and promote and maintain a positive learning culture.

6 Evaluation of training delivery

Evaluate a training programme, explore learner progress against learning objectives, listen to feedback from learners and identify opportunities for improvement of delivery. Post evaluation prepare a programme improvement plan.

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