Childcare Courses to accelerate the employment of Ukrainians in Ireland

We are opening new learning groups for Ukrainians who want to study “Early Childhood Care and Education Level 5M2009 – QQI Major Award”, “Child Development”, “Child Health and Well Being”, “Early Care and Education Practice”, “Early Childhood Education and Play”, “Work Experience”, “Communications”, “Creative Arts for Early Childhood”, and “Special Needs Assisting” on a platform adapted for Ukrainians. They will occur on the following dates:

  • August 19th 2022 (19/08/2022)
  • September 2nd 2022 (02/09/2022)
  • September 16th 2022 (16/09/2022)
  • September 30th 2022 (30/09/2022)
  • October 14th 2022 (14/09/2022)
  • October 28th 2022 (28/09/2022)

We are offering the following courses:

The total cost for all of these courses is €1,000.

Below you will find more information on what learning at Forus Training is like, and how we are working to give you the resources and support to gain a qualification and enter the workforce.

1. Learning Management System (LMS)

The learners logging onto the system will have access to:

  • An account which allows access to the system,
  • Full induction on how the course works and how to access all available resources,
  • The session slideshows and the quizzes,
  • Weekly recorded Zoom tutorials hosted by our own trainers,
  • Extra course material (where applicable). 

You can receive reports from the system detailing:

  • Learner engagement,
  • Attendance at the live tutorial sessions,
  • Access to the program so that there is full transparency in relation to the learning our learners are undertaking.

Other course providers tend to not offer continued support to their learners. The narration and transcription attached to the slideshows give independence to learners to listen to the training online.


2. Learner Pack, available to access and download online from LMS

The learner pack includes:

  • A letter introducing our learners to their trainer, 
  • The assessment brief that your staff will follow in order to achieve the award.
    • Assignment – an exercise carried out in response to the brief with specific guidelines. 
    • Learner Record – a self-reported and self-reflective record in which your staff will describe specific learning experiences, activities, responses and skills acquired. 
  • The slide decks from LMS so that learners can follow and use these as a reference
  • Accompanying manual/notes to support further learning.


3. Live Virtual Tutorial Sessions on Zoom

  • Our trainers are trained and experienced in making live sessions engaging and interactive,
  • Zoom supports lots of functionality to allow for group work and the sharing of insights,
  • All sessions are recorded so that Learners are able to go back and re-watch which is especially useful when working on assessments.


4. Trainer Support – as per our learner induction

The trainers at Forus open numerous doors to our learners, such as:

  • Opportunities for discussion and feedback,
  • Opportunities to bring up areas that you or your class needs further assistance/support with,
  • Additional education and learning activities,
  • Assessment support during final session,
  • Opportunities to submit drafts,
  • By appointment, make time available to learners before or after class to answer queries that cannot be covered in the session.


6N1942 Child Development
6N1944 Early Childhood Curriculum
6N1945 Childhood Social Legal and Health Studies
6N1946 Work Experience
6N1950 Communications
6N1973 Supervision in Early Childhood Care
6N1957 Special Needs Assisting
6N1933 Early Learning Environment


5. Learner Feedback

Forus Training has received great feedback from past learners, most of which have progressed to employment in local businesses. Here are some of our recent Google reviews: